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Getting Rid of Egregores–Some Options

Dealing with troublesome or competitive egregores, on both a personal and societal level, has been challenging for millennia.  Ancient examples of this struggle can be found in the Bible and in many other sources, since the problem is universal.  Strategies used by individuals and groups eager to preserve their preferred thought forms are frequently violent. Continue reading “Getting Rid of Egregores–Some Options”


Pragmatically Speaking

In the last post I consolidated material from two Facebook debates I participated in, one in 2016, and the other this year.  Both occurred on the eve of a presidential election, and so were spirited—sometimes mean-spirited—and partisan.  My intent was to sift the material for useful ideas about reality and “truthiness”.  It may be possibleContinue reading “Pragmatically Speaking”

The Truth About Truth

So far we’ve looked at several examples of egregores in culture and society.  They can be found in religious experience, social deviancy, conspiracy theories, literature, and politics—among other places.  Egregoric phenomena bring to mind philosophical questions about the nature of reality, belief, knowledge, and what constitutes “truth”.   Last week, the election gave me anContinue reading “The Truth About Truth”

Egregoric Monsters in Early 20th Century Horror Fiction

But enough about politics, at least for the moment.  Suffice it to say that an egregoric process may be present in the emergence of game-changing political, religious and social movements.  Indeed, such movements appear guided and empowered by an egregore with a life and agency of its own, sustained by the devotion of its followers,Continue reading “Egregoric Monsters in Early 20th Century Horror Fiction”

Watching a New Egregore Coming to Life

Where should one look for evidence of an emerging egregore?  Of various criteria indicating extraterrestrial or super-natural life—growth may be the easiest to demonstrate.  Besides obvious markers like increasing size and number, an investigator might also look for anxiety and resistance in the social environment, a response to the newcomer’s expanding presence.  We read inContinue reading “Watching a New Egregore Coming to Life”