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Egregoric Imagery in a Story by Thomas Ligotti

Among contemporary horror writers, one of the most interesting is Thomas Ligotti, whose oneiric style seamlessly melds nightmarish imagery with unsettling social commentary.  He has authored several discomforting collections of short stories, among them Songs of a Dead Dreamer (1986), Grimscribe (1991), Noctuary (1994) and Teatro Grottesco (2006).  Egregoric horrors occur in several of hisContinue reading “Egregoric Imagery in a Story by Thomas Ligotti”


“I Will Tell the Audient Void…”

One of H.P Lovecraft’s most memorable short pieces is the 1920 prose poem, “Nyarlathotep”.  An early work, it contains possibly the first appearance of the eponymous entity.  Nyarlathotep abandons his humanoid form at the end of the tale, and loses a recognizable form altogether in the author’s later fiction.  Some have described him as aContinue reading ““I Will Tell the Audient Void…””

A Child’s First Egregore

When I was very young, perhaps 5 or 6 years old, I slept in a room down a short hallway from my sister’s bedroom.  The door of her room was always shut; mine, always open.  In the hallway was a pale green night light, pathetically dim, the color and intensity of bioluminescent bugs. This wasContinue reading “A Child’s First Egregore”

The Rise and Fall of Political Egregores

A challenge for the emerging field of “egregorology” is developing a common definition of the phenomena.  This is due in part to the historical origins of the term egregore—an ancient Greek word referring to angelic beings—and to differing perspectives on the nature and utility of egregores.  Some see them as benevolent entities that “watch” overContinue reading “The Rise and Fall of Political Egregores”